Get your Gnine Trains running with some of these projects

Locomotives from other gnine modellers varying from little easy modifications to give your model an air of individuality to scratch build bodies on R-T-R chassis. All so easy anyone can do it.

1. Simon Andrews Mini-Lister

 2. Steve Bennetts 1:20.3 scale loco

 3. Gerry Bullocks TITCH kit

4. Barry Westons TITCH

5. Ian Holmes' TITCH

 6. Jim Snees' cardboard Loco


7. Simon Andrews Speeder


Here we will cover the construction of the wagons and coaches for your railway. Simple freelance things to start with and then as our experience increases we'll move on to some more complex and accurate scale models.



  1."Basic" bogie wagon

2. A cardboard coach



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