Ian Holmes changes his Titch a bit

Ian had ideas for the TITCH too, here he tells us what he did

My model was inspired by the pictures of the small Roanoake diesel at Wolds Way Lavender on Colin Peakes website. I was drawn by the unusual protective gille in front of the radiator.A very distinctive feature. So when the Sidelines kit came out I immediately knew that I was going to convert my model to have that type of grille.
First of all lets just say the Sidelines kit is great. Simple to build, lovely clean castings a perfect introduction into the world of assembling resin kits.

So to the grille, by turning the radiator casting around so that the cast grille details are inside the engine housing you are left with a flat surface to build the new grille onto. Interestingly these details help to locate the radiator in the right place. Firstly I cut 2 pieces of .020 styrene sheet to the same size as the front .I cut a hole in one to take a piece of my standard grille material aluminium mesh. and then fsandwiched the three pieces together in place on the reversed radiiator piece. Some 2mm styrene angle was placed either side of the mesh and some 1.2mm rod was cut to length and stuck between the angle. Another thing I wanted to do was raise the height of the engine cover slightly so that it was flush with the top of the radiator. This was achieved by adding a strip of 1mm styrene anound the bottom of the engine compartment. I also had to cut a new .020 styrene bonnet backplate to match the new height. Those were the only alterations to the model. You can see in the picture on the right here those pieces that were added from styrene.Painting was another area that I thought I could make my model different. The last thing I was going to do was paint it Green. I've seen far too many Green locos. I'm fond of my Yellow Gn15 loco's so I thought Yellow with Black warning chevrons would be the perfect livery for it. Yellow can be a difficult colour to paint at the best of times and even tough I cleaned the loco thouroughly and primed it my first effort brush painting was stripped off and I opted for a spray painting. A better, though not perfect finish. The chevrons were marked out with a Black lining pen used for automotive kit detailing and then filled in with a testors Black paint marker. Marking the chevrons out on such a small area was a bit tricky. The footlplate tool box was picked out in red as were the tops of the control levers. Then with a bit of light weathering, She's almost ready to go. I'd really like to add nameplates to her. But where to fit them on such a small body?

The last thing to do will be to add the couplers. I've decided that for Strawberry Fen Farm I will have Microtrains N scale couplers. I've never fitted any to a loco before. So I'm proceeding very carefully with that.

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