Ian Holmes builds a Basic Bogie Wagon

Ian says:

I was inspired by the picture on the right here, from Colin Peakes website. I thought that this would be a good basis for a simple started model in Gnine. The project is just to build the flat wagon base and then let your mind run wild with ideas for different bodies to be put on there. In the end after several different ideas I've opted for a 2 plank removeable body in the style of Sir Arthur Heywood's TOPS wagons. It also bears more than a passing resemblance to some wagons on the Vale of Evesham railway

This is the basis of the model. A Bachmann boxcar that came in a trainset. We're not interested in anything but the chassis. So the first thing we'll do is throw away the body. So the next time you are at a model railway exhibition/ swap meet. Look for some cheap giveaway N gauge wagons.
That then leaves you with the chassis. The only modification that was made here was to file down the plastic that is holding the weight in place so that the body would sit flat on there. You might not even have to do that as on a second wagon I had the fixing lugs were flat to the wagon floor. There was also some rough patches on the floor sides and ends so I filed those down as well.
Here we go. Now we start with the serious scratchbuilding. Are you ready? The floor is a piece of .060 styrene 77mm x 30mm in size. Which I scribed planking on to. The solebars are some 3.2mm I beam and the headstocks are some 1.5mm x 4mm styrene strip. The wagon chassis sits neatly inbetween the solebars. The I beam also heps to hold the chassis in place. Another thing you have to do is decide on your choice of buffers as you can see in the prototype photo that could be as simple as some blocks
There you have it put the body onto the chassis and you're done. Your first Gnine wagon. Couldn't be easier. They are so quick and easy to build you could probably make every basic wagon you'll need for you layout in one evening. Its up to you to use your imagination and work out what bodies you could put on them. At the moment this wagon still has the standard N gauge couplers on it. As soon as I can get to my local model shop they will be replace by some micro trains units
Here then, is the two plank body made from .060 styrene sheet. The body is removeable and is located in place by the 2mm styrene angle at the corners of the body.  

Here then, after the addition of Micro trains couplers and a coat of paint is a finished wagon. Because of the nature of the curves on Ians layout and the width of the wagon body Ian has fitted Micro tains couplers with medium extensions.


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