Wold Farm Mushrooms by Ian Holmes

Ian gives us the how to on this neat little layout:

Wold Farm mushrooms is the result of a lot of disparate thoughts whirling around in my head and coming together in a strange way to produce a layout. How these ideas produce themselves I don't know but all of a sudden one day I was having visions of a 9" gauge railway line serving a mushroom farm in a disused tunnel in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Mushroom Farms in disused railway tunnels are quite common. What really excited me was the idea of a miniature railway locomotve coming out of a Standard gauge railway tunnel. Why the Lincolnshire Wolds? I'm a born and bred Lincolnshire yellowbelly. I pretty quickly put the visions down on paper and made it fit a 4' x 2' baseboard. Then something else happenned. I joined the rmweb forum on the internet. They were having a competition to build a layout in under 6 square feet. I refigured the plan to come in under 6 square feet. Why the unusual shape? I shamelessly cribbed the shape from another entrant. I was becoming very disenchanted with square baseboard layouts at the time and needed something different. This shape really fired my imagination. So here's a few shots of the development of the layout


The visions got put down on paper...


Ah the Tunnel mouth. Its big. Very big. Its 22" long and the opening is 7" high. It is inspired by some photographs of the Eastern Portal of Withcall Tunnel on the Louth to Bardney branch line in Lincolnshire. Hopefully that really serves to locate the layout in a very particular place


Here's a couple of under construction shots that should serve to illustrate the construction method. Pink Insulation foam has been used for the baseboard and the basic ground contours


Here you can see how Ian has woven strips of cardboard to provide support for the scenery above the tunnel mouth this was then covered with plaster bandage
More constructional photos in the coming months...


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