Ian Holmes' Pizza Layout test track.

Ian blames Carl Arendt:

Carl is a good friend. He won't mind if I blame him/ acknowledge his inspiration for this layout. I've often admired the many Pizza layouts seen in the small layout scrapbook at I've thought its something I should do in some way shape or form. With the development of gnine I felt I needed a test track to test the running of my locos and stock before I got around to building a layout proper. So one afternoon I tacked a couple of lengths of N gauge flex track to an offcut of 1/2 plywood on a 9" radius curve, ran trains around it and didn't give it another thought for a few weeks, nay months. Then Carl sent me a picture of his "El Jefe takes a ride" pizza. I was instantly shamed into action, and I do mean instantly. Moments after seeing the picture I glued some ballast around the track and while that was drying searched through my bits and bobs box for some scenic doodads. Next I slapped some Woodland scenics ground colour onto the baseboard which soaked straight in. Then I painted that with Woodland scenics scenic cement sprinkled some of thier ground cover foam ontop and waited for it to dry. In my bits and bobs box I found some old trees, you needn't guess who manufactured them. Some sections of brick wall that used to be on Whinny lane and then for the heck of it I threw the Whinny Lane platform shelter on there too. I cleaned up the track and TADAH!!! a scant two hours after I received Carls email I had a finished Pizza. Its great to have to run in my locos and much better to look at than a plain old piece of board. I can't believe how quickly it all went together. I had a great deal of fun just throwing it all together.

An overall view of the layout (yes the loco will be described here just as soon as Ian completes it)


The station building from Whinny Lane was just lying around


As was the brick walling


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